Wireless Earbuds Review: Could these be as good as AirPods?

Today we’ll take a look at the wireless earbuds that look like AirPods. But are they close?

These 2 wireless earbuds look great. They are of about the same size as the AirPods. The i9 version has a single button on each earbud for control. The i12 is touch enabled so you just need to touch/tap lightly to control music/phone calls.

Both are very comfortable and easy to operate. They have a charging case. You can recharge wireless earbuds by inserting them into the charge case. Earbuds have magnetic tips so they stick to charging case and do not fall out.

Final thoughts

While these may not be as good as the original AirPods they do have great sound and look great. Battery last for 3 hours at a time.

Our verdict

For this price these are great value. Give them a try and they will not disappoint. Just don’t expect the same quality as the original AirPods. However these are great quality for everyday use. We put them to the test and they took a beating like soldiers. The i12 version with touch controls is very nice and that is our preferred choice. Go for it.

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